Posted On: June 3, 2010

Screamread is a video production company based in the city of Rotterdam.

We deliver both commissioned and non-commissioned work.

Our commissioned video work focuses on the crisp and fresh representation of culture and education. We specialize on online video content mainly focusing on music, fashion, performance and art and the way these develop within the urban environment as well as corporate promotional material.

We brainstorm, together with our clients, to deliver the audiovisual material best suited to portraying and promoting their cultural product.


We like incorporating text, typography, animation and motion graphics into our films and often collaborate with professionals from other disciplines to best achieve the desired effect.

Erasmus Academie
Impakt Festival
Pal Maas

We also produce and direct experimental video/ film.

Screamread is the brainchild of visual artist Margarita Kouvatsou based and working in Rotterdam the Netherlands and sometimes in Athens.