Image Lab

This section of the website is dedicated to research and audiovisual tests. You will find a selection of short clips where a try various effects and combinations of images, usually mixing the analogue with the digital. Too precious to be discarded, these are the killed darlings that ultimately didn’t make the cut. It is frequently updated so make sure to visit it from time to time.

Ink tank

This was initially created as a backdrop for a fashion show. It’s a simple water tank with ink and food coloring.

Multiply scrub test

Hi 8 test with split screens and a scrubbing effect. The result is pretty low res since I was scrubbing back and forth on the timeline and filming this with my iphone. I would have to find a more appropriate way to do this if the effect would make the cut. something along the lines of high res screen capture or a plugin. 

Rewind sunset

Tried to capture this analoge with premiere but the capture would abort every time I tried to rewind so I decided to loop it instead.

Animated solids

The latest version of premiere has loads of animation options. This was done while exploring those instead of migrating to After effects. I am currently in the process of researching this further.

VHS distortion

I spent about a week, trying to obsessively change the code with text edit on numerous stills and old vhs footage. The results have been so far pretty random to say the least. its a painstaking process but its worth a try.